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Multi-generational Living: Planning Leah Road


DWA where engaged to provide full Architectural and PSDP design services for this family who were already living in a multi generational way in a house that did not support it. The communication and development of the design brief was critical to supporting the design process, making sure all needs and concerns were taken on board and providing outcomes to work for all in the present and future. 

Environmental aspects of design where also critical to the family to provide for a sustainable home that although increases in size, actually decreases its carbon footprint with the inclusion of solar panels, rainwater retention and harvesting throughout. 

DW Architects are really looking forward to taking this design forward to construction with the whole family to realize this shared dream. 

Multi generational Living is about embracing the benefits of a shared living space. Places and spaces where family members can come together to spend time and a quiet place to relax. 

The families also cite many benefits of living together, including:

  • Enhanced bonds or relationships among family members

  • Making it easier to provide for the care needs of one or more family members

  • Improved finances for at least one family member 

  • Positive impacts on personal mental and/or physical health 

  • Making it possible for at least one family member to continue school or enroll in job training. 

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