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About our Team

DW Architects is a Dublin based architecture company providing client services across Ireland. David and his team have a wealth of experience across a wide range of projects both residential and commercial. DW Architects are 100% client and results focused.

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DW Architect Director David

With a distinguished career spanning over 24 years in the field of architecture, David Winston has consistently showcased his professional prowess. Serving as an Associate with a prominent architectural firm in Dublin, David subsequently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing his own architectural practice, which is now celebrated as DW Architects.

David's professional journey is underscored by a substantial and diverse portfolio. He has meticulously curated an extensive body of work, contributing to a wide spectrum of architectural projects across various sectors, including industrial, residential, retail, commercial, education, and community. His wealth of experience and exceptional expertise firmly establish him as a respected figure within the architectural community.

David Winston

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Image of Architect Millena Alencar

Millena Alencar, qualified in 2019, has a diverse background in residential, commercial, workplace, and hospitality interior design, as well as remodeling. She manages design projects from concept to execution, with experience in site surveys and inspections. Millena gained extensive industry knowledge during her time with various architecture firms and participated in major design exhibitions. In 2019, she launched her own practice, specializing in residential and commercial interior design and remodeling.

Since joining DW Architects in 2022, Millena has contributed hugely to our success in many project in the residential, retail and commercial sectors. Applying Architecture and interior design skills to complex projects Millena is a high valued memeber of the DWA team.

Millena Alencar

Architect, Urban Planner,

Interior Designer

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Image of Architectural assistant

Adam, with two years of experience as an Architectural Assistant, has significantly contributed to DW Architects. His background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from UCD, and during his tenure at our firm, he has brought a fresh and innovative perspective to our projects.

Adam's distinct focus on materiality and detailing has played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and design of various projects undertaken at DW Architects. His diverse portfolio includes successful involvement in house extensions, refurbishments, retail spaces, multi-unit residential developments, and industrial structures, where his expertise has made a valuable impact.

Adam Redmond

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