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New Build: Three bedroom house, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.


DW Architects were commissioned to design and apply for planning permission for a three-bedroom house situated in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The project involved utilizing a side garden property. The clients' objective was to enhance the value of the site by obtaining full planning permission, with the intention of selling the garden site. 3D images were generated to effectively showcase the property's potential to prospective buyers.

Client Testimonial

"DW Architects played a pivotal role in realizing the full potential of our site with their exceptional house design expertise. 

They crafted a design that not only met all the requirements of the local county council but also fit seamlessly in with the surrounding houses. Their thoughtful approach resulted in a beautiful house design that immediately captivated buyer interest. 

Throughout the planning process, DW Architects ensured a smooth process, and their diligent efforts led to a hassle-free approval with no major issues. Thanks to their expertise, our site sold swiftly, with the added benefit of having planning permission and an approved house design in place, streamlining the entire process."

Thank you David and team.

Alison & Pablo

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